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I'm an experienced and enthusiastic German educator, blogger and content writer who enjoys traveling around the world. 

I grew up near the scenic alps in the south of Germany and have lived and worked in the United States before eventually ending up in the beautiful city of London where I now work at Wetherby School in leafy Notting Hill. 

I'm very passionate about education and have developed a great interest in technology, eLearning, education technology, the digital economy and media, which has led me to regularly write for and manage various blogs and work for digital marketing agency ClickDo in Canary Wharf.

My love for writing has evolved over the years. As a teenager I kept a diary and whenever I read through it now, I find it fascinating to realize how my perception of the world has changed. And that's exactly what draws me to writing: the evolution and power of the written word and how it reflects our deep thoughts, ideas and concepts. 

The world wide web has impacted how writing is used and it has certainly given it even more importance and demand. Any kind of web presence you come across online will feature at least some written content.

So, I have moved into the field of web copywriting or cotent writing as I enjoy the variety, creativity and freedom it offers.

Having worked with various business owners in many different niches, I have written web content for various industries, which is a refreshing experience every time:

-          Beauty, jewellery, lifestyle

-          Digital marketing, blogging, SEO

-          Education

-          Genealogists

-          Medical, dental

-          Travel

-          Web hosting

Managing and optimizing a website means you will have to ensure that it helps your visitors understand and want what you offer. I have also assisted not just with the web content for home pages, but for:

-          About pages

-          Topic pages (e.g. services, products etc.)

-          Contact us pages

-          Specific/unique pages (e.g. stand-out services, products and their descriptions)

-          Blog pages

As content and layout go hand in hand, I have worked closely with web designers to create the most appealing and user-friendly websites with all aspects and elements being in sync.

On top of that I use my SEO knowledge to optimize every web content for the business website’s relevant keywords in their niche so that their it ranks better organically on search engines. This is important for the reach and effectiveness of your website as you obviously want prospective customers to find you easily and quickly.

Web content editing

You might already have one or several websites up and running but want to optimize them by adding fresh and improved copywriting. If you feel your web presence is not performing as best as it could be or maybe you’ve received negative feedback from customers or visitors about their online experience. Or you could just be looking for an updated and younger style.

Whatever the reason, I can help!

1.       I would analyse the current web content on your website(s) and combined with an SEO audit, I would make optimization suggestions including adding relevant content that is beneficial for the SEO performance.

2.       After liaising with you and getting all the content changes approved, I’d get to work.

3.       I could also make improvement suggestions relevant for the website design, e.g. using buttons, icons, sections etc. instead of just plain text as that’s easier on the eye. This is to help your web content reach its full potential.

4.       You would then receive all the copywriting you have ordered, and any other services included.

5.       For WordPress websites I could offer my support with the publication of the content.

Web content marketing

It’s one thing to have your website looking good and ranking, but it’s another to get people to become aware of it.

As an active blogger I have access to a whole blog network and can offer my support with guest posting and building backlinks. Your website will only gain authority, if other high quality sites link back to yours or publish articles and content about your business. The more publications you release on relevant sites or news/magazine sites, the more visibility and reach your website will gain.

This is a very time-consuming and challenging activity and most of the business owners I have worked with were relieved that they could hand this task over to a trustworthy and reliable professional like me. 

SEO friendly copywriting

Having worked for ClickDo Ltd., the #1 SEO agency in London, I have gained vital knowledge and skills to optimize web content for search engines, so it is picked up easier and quicker organically, giving your website the necessary boost to be found.

I have edited and improved web content on ClickDo blogs and websites as well as for ClickDo clients. To get a better understanding of what it means and how it boosts your ranks, you can have a look at my online course about SEO-friendly content writing.

Should any of the above mentioned services be required by you, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.

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